La Furlana come spunto per creare un nuovo paradigma

The furlana originated from the use of recycled material, and was worn by men and women alike: it was used in the workplace or at home: whenever a precious fabrics was available, like a cotton velvet, the shoe was used for festivities, embellished with embroidered flowers .
In winter, women produced the shoes at home for their families, so everyone would be set for any occasion.
In the summertime, women travelled to sell their products, and the story tells us that Venice was a key market, where the shoes (locally named Veneziane) were particularly appreciated by gondoliers; having to stand all day, they found this style very comfortable; furthermore, the rubber tyre soles did not damage the lacquer of their gondola.

The simple footwear, useful for the family’s requirements, becomes an iconic element of Italian artisanal culture as well as an object of affection, and projects values of ingenuity, work, responsibility and respect for people and the environment.
Drogheria Crivellini , with the help of artists and designers, aim at sharing this vision, adding elements of creativity and energy, lightheartedness and exclusivity, offering an alternative view of this product, both useful and surprising, cool and contemporary.