Drogheria Crivellini was established in Udine, in the Friuli
region, at the end of The Second World War.
It was a typical family business of an Italian nation willing
to start afresh: trust in the future, hope and energy were
the foundations of this new life.
The drogheria offered a multitude of goods for personal
and household care: sweets, beverages, soaps, paints, spices,
sanitary ware and the typical shoes of Friuli, the “Furlane”.
These were traditional fabric shoes, made by local artisans
with discarded material for the uppers, recycled coffee jute sacks
as structural lining, and used bicycle rubber tyres as soles.

Such footwear style originated from the countryside,
where nothing could be wasted, and necessity was the mother
of invention.
Today Drogheria Crivellini is brought back to life with a project
that unites art and sustainability, ethics and aesthetics, traditional
values that evolve into contemporaneity.
International artists and designers re-interpret the Furlana shoe,
local craftsmen express their know-how in manufacturing,
and a new lifecycle begins.

Drogheria Crivellini in the 1960s