Fabrice Hyber: L’UNA... (This is not a pair of Shoes)

An endless flow of ideas and creations characterizes the work of the French artist who, besides making the biggest soap bar in the world, weighing 22 tons, was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale.
Fabrice Hyber’s project is one of his PROTOTYPES OF WORKING OBJECTS – POF 162, L’UNA: BUY A SINGLE SHOE THAT FITS BOTH THE RIGHT AND THE LEFT FOOT. Everyone’s feet differ from one another, so we shall make a shoe that is sold individually, ONE at the time, in different hues and materials, ambidextrous and unisex, so one is free to choose and assemble colours to create his favourite pair!
This simple and radical vision actually breakes old habits, and frees the users’ fantasy to change their schemes.

The project is an ongoing process, like a limited edition where the components keep changing.
Drogheria Crivellini and the Artist have selected 15 different fabric styles to start with: production will begin with a selection, and the others will be added as time goes by.
When a colour runs out, a new fabric style will be introduced, to widen the choice with some surprises.
Users will be able to buy one shoe only, to use as they wish, then maybe a second one of a different colour to wear, and maybe a third one to multiply the choice of matchings…


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Fabrice Hyber, photo Valérie Zeitoun \n/ Institut Pasteur

L'UNA graphic concept, Fabrice Hyber

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