Antonio Riello: Not Made In Italy

Antonio Riello is an eclectic Italian Artist whose interests range from History to Fashion as well as Anthropology.
His often ironic and estranging work focuses on the concept of identity; he is dedicated to his creative activity, with exhibitions all over the world, and to academic activity.
It is relevant to mention one his intriguing works, in the form of videogame, “Italiani Brava Gente” , precursor of the issues of xenophobia and racial intolerance that would dramatically arise in the world.

His project for Drogheria Crivellini takes the form of a fabric, with the writing MADE IN ITALY in large, bold letters. Looking at it carefully, one notices that the dark background is made up of smaller letters reading “NOT MADE IN ITALY”, that completely contradicts the larger text. In the restricted area that a shoe concedes, the small letters prevail, together with their subversive meaning, that disappears when the larger letters come into the space.

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Antonio Riello, self portrait

Draft project on paper

Artist's proof, fabric prototype

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